A Lightweight RTS With Rich Gameplay

Orcs And Aliens

is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game with simple rules but deep gameplay. Out-wit, out-upgrade, and out-maneuver opponents to conquer an endless variety of picturesque game worlds.


Orcs And Aliens' gameplay is designed to maximize fun and replayability! It features:

Powerful Map Generation - Explore unpredictable, striking game worlds. Find and sieze strategic locations. Never be certain who or what lies beyond your vision. The random map generator can produce everything from marshes to plains to plateaus to mountains.

Unlimited Upgrades - There are no limits to how much you can upgrade your forces' capabilities. Upgrade range to fire across a canyon, or upgrade armor and health to rush units behind enemy defenses.

Ease-Of-Use - See our Innovations!

Fog-Of-War - Keep opponents guessing at your location. Affects computer players just as much as you.

Auto-Explore - Military units can auto-explore, allowing you to direct your attention elsewhere.

Renewable Resources - Trees grow back, just like in real life. But manage your resources carefully: trees re-grow fastest when other trees remain nearby.

Smarter Workers - Idle workers automatically start harvesting nearby resources, and seek safety if attacked. Let's hear it for workers who aren't suicidal idiots!

Rich Audio Environment - Ambient sounds vary by tile set and terrain. Weapon upgrades sound progressively forceful. Battle sequences are audio-rich!

Mars Attacks

Aliens have landed in Middle Earth, and the Orc horde is not happy. Which side will you take? It's a race of exploration, technology, and strategy to decide who'll rule the land.


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  • Three Races
  • Flexible Team Setup
  • High Replayability
  • Strategic Terrain
  • Intelligent, Adaptive A.I.
  • Innovative Ease-Of-Use Features
  • Auto-Hotkey Grouping
  • Chase-Cam
  • Full-Map Replay
  • Internet / LAN Play
  • 12 Tile Sets

If you like RTS games but not tedium, Orcs And Aliens is for you.


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To give you a high-quality RTS experience, Orcs And Aliens introduces several innovations.


As new units and buildings are made, they can be automatically added to your favorite hotkey groups.
Mouse-Over Zoom
A common RTS issue is that units are hard to distinguish when the camera is fully zoomed out. Orcs And Aliens remedies this with Mouse-Over Zoom: simply point to a unit to magnify it. This feature automatically turns off at normal camera distances.
Event Alerts
Off-screen game events create an alert on the screen edge, pointing towards the event. Stay on top of hectic situations at a glance.
On-Screen Production Queues
If you hotkey your bases, Orcs And Aliens shows those bases' production queues on-screen at all times. See what your bases are doing at a glance.
Workers who become idle automatically start harvesting nearby resources (unless told to hold). No more idle worker!
Tell your units to explore the land, and watch them go. Let your forces do the legwork while you focus on higher-level strategy.
When attacked, workers attempt to flee to safer areas. No more idiot suicidal workers!


Adaptive Computer A.I.
The computer Artificial Intelligence adaptively routes attacks around your defences. If you leave an undefended path, watch out! The A.I. will likely find it.
Ecological Strategies
New trees get seeded by existing trees. Beware of clear-cutting the area around your base! Clear-cut areas grow back more slowly.
Strategic Shorelines
Trees re-grow faster along shorelines where water is plentiful. Land with multiple shorelines grows trees even faster.
Elevated Terrain
Elevated terrain provides range and vision bonuses, and increases windmill productivity. Seize the high ground.
Chase Cam
Watch the action from the perspective of your troops! Fun during the latter part of the game, when your forces are blazing a path to victory.


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System requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • 1.5 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 100 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution
  • Intel HD Graphics or better
  • DirectX 8.1 or later

48 MB - version 1.0.318

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